Interview with Spenglish founder Simon Guindi Cohen. Plus, they are HIRING!, New York

By Jonathan Hedvat 20th Jun, 2013

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Spenglish Simon Guindi Cohen

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Interview with Spenglish founder Simon Guindi Cohen. Plus, they are HIRING!

What gave you the inspiration to do your own fashion line?

When i was a senior in college in American University in  2006, there was a huge natural disaster called Katrina.  When i was on winter break in Mexico and i decided to make t-shirts called, "do your part" . I gave it to 20 guys and girls and told them to wear the t-shirt around for a purpose. After that, everyone around asked about these t-shirts and how they could get them. I created a demand that didnt exist because people wanted to be part of something. I started a brand called Spenglish for people around me. We live in a melting pot of so many cultures and i took languages and mixed them with others.  After college i went to work in the finance world. I learned more about the financial world. I told my bosses that i was going to start my own line and they supported me. This was in 2008 right before the crises happened MANG!

How do people react to doing a brand around the theme of happiness?

For many years the market has been saturated by the idea that 'sex sells'. For example the show, 'Mad men'. People were really marketers and were thinking "sex sells" everyone was selling based on sex. Today the market is concentrated around the concept of sex but people are noticing that happiness is the sexiest thing ever. Happy people are more desirable then sexuality. 

Most of the time people receive the brand warmly. they take it in, the brand sells itself.  The whole challenge of the brand is to make a brand that sells itself and people automatically feel a part of it, so people want to be a part of it...Mang!

How long did it take before you guys made a profit?

Depends what you call profit. If emotional happiness is a profit, it happened on day 1, mang!


What were some of the growing pains you went through starting your brand?

The biggest obstacle so far has been convincing the big players in the market that this brand is not only targeted to latinos but to everyone. It is a NYC brand with a latin spice. Just like a fancy latin NYC restaurant full of international people. They like the concept and its made for everyone with love from New York MANG!

How did you overcome those obstacles?

Just by keeping true to the brand , the mission and the vision. Making sure the values of the company are stronger and stronger everyday. Seeking constant collaborations with as many cool people as possible.  So we can broaden the happiness concept and expand to other platforms. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT MANG!


You seem to be obsessed with providing great content. Can you tell us how other fashion brands can grow with great content?

I think everything is content today and all of us are platforms. The only way to create strong content is by collaboration. It is almost impossible to create your own content and survive with that. From a cool t-shirt to an amazing interview or a viral music video, these are all creative forms of content that will help a brand build its community therefore strengthening its identity. COMPRENDE MANG?!


What are the future plans of Spenglish?

Spenglish continues to grow with constant collaboration with awesome brands and content. We are aiming at starting our own lifestyle playground where people can come and enjoy the spenglish happiness and take a piece of it with them as we merchandise this concept. 
Spenglish is currently hiring energetic and fashion focused individuals that can help us get more exposure on the road.


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