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I would be happy to share my success story with you, I am very grateful for all of your help with my job search. I had been looking for an entry level fashion position for several months using and I must have applied for over 100 different advertised positions, each time taking 1-2 hours to complete the online application process and write a personalized cover letter.

I was putting so much thought, and time, and effort into my applications and I wasn't getting replies. When I did get replies, they were clearly auto-responses. I feel like with the job market so flooded, I was probably one of hundreds of people flooding these companies with applications. That is the problem with the free sites, there are too many people competing for the same positions.

I decided to sign up for, and I was very pleased because there were so many positions advertised, there were a lot that I was actually interested in and suited for, much more than the other sites. When I took the time to respond to advertised positions, I received a response every time.

I appreciate that a lot because of all of the time and effort I put into my job search was actually getting me responses instead of getting lost in a sea of hundreds of applications and never getting a response. It is definitely worth the money, because there is less competition for each position, which makes it possible for the companies to actually correspond with you. I spoke with several different people at different companies before I found my current job, and I felt like I had a lot of options open to me.

Melissa Earl



Thank you so MUCH for your help!! I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me and for all of the information and details.
It is nice to find someone who still believes and provides personal one-on-one customer service.
Creative Jobs is lucky to have you as an employee.
Good luck to you and know someone appreciated you and the service and kindness you provided today!

Rita Holt


I think it's a great concept and I have my current job thru this site.

Debra A. Panico debbie68**


I got the job of my career. Thank you.

Shuja Shaikh***


I like that I have jobs listings that pertain to my skills. It's only about jobs I like.

Stephen G.


I love that it specializes in my career area. I found this site of great utility, it's very easy to navigate and you can search according to region & position title.

Carrie M.


I love the jobs specific to my industry, definitely awesome! Also you have different listings, from entry level to top level positions.

Rebecca F.


It is great for personal market research. I can see what kinds of people are in demand all over the country. By seeing what positions are needed on a broad scale, I am able to specifically focus my skill set to make myself particularly appealing. Great site!

Daniel S.


Just your listing of job opportunities...I don't have to look all over for them! It saves me so much time.

Jan A.


This is the most easy way to find a good paying job, I like everything in this site.

Sarah W.


Just joined this week, but I like that it is geared towards creative jobs. Also the companies and listings are different from the other sites.

Halina S.


I like the weekly updates of available jobs and the features to narrow down my search. It's good.

Kevin C.


This site had job openings on it. There are posting not listed on free job search websites. I think it has the strongest nationwide database of creative jobs...

Amanda L.


I like the site because it gives me a place to look for a that is related to my major. It's easy to use

Ray D.