General Information

I, the customer, fully understand that my subscription will automatically renew unless I cancel the subscription online before the next billing cycle. I must cancel my account at least 24 hours before my renewal date in order to not be charged. I also understand that pays in advance to service and host each active account in the system. If I fail to cancel before the next billing cycle, I understand that I am responsible for the installment billing. I will not be emailed upon upcoming billing dates and I will be charged unless I cancel online. I also understand that I am responsible for my subscription costs even if I do not log in, as I am still receiving Resume and/or Profile exposure to Employers, and jobs are being sourced for me as an Active user.


For Employers Only

I understand that posting a basic job with is free. I understand that the Resume Search service is $37.99 per week or $100 per month, and will automatically renew unless I call to cancel it or cancel it myself through my account online, through the site. I'm also aware that any premium positioning I pay for (Job Highlighting and/or Job Spotlight - and also the E-Mail Blast service) will automatically renew, unless it is cancelled over the phone or online through my account. I understand that if I fail to cancel my service(s) then I, the Employer/Company, am responsible for the installment payment. I am aware that I may cancel my service(s) at any time and there will be no cancellation penalty fee, but I must cancel at least 24 hours prior to the renewal in order to not be charged. I understand that if I post a job and mark it as exclusive, reserves the right to verify my posting and mark it as Non-Exclusive if it is found elsewhere. Furthermore, if my posting is evaluated and determined to be a scam, spam, or an over-post, may remove my posting and I will not be notified. If I continue to post fraudulent jobs, will blacklist me and I will not be able to post any more vacancies. I understand that I may not post a job that requires additional registration or payment of any kind to apply to or access. If I have any questions regarding further stipulations, I know that I may call or e-mail the Support Team.



I agree that "" will appear on my billing statement and am aware of charges pertaining to it. The prices have all been fully disclosed to me and I am fully aware of what my account payment entails. I understand that I may pay a subscription by check/money order, but I must subscribe for a MINUMUM of 3 months.

I also understand that my account cannot be cancelled/closed as long as there is a declined payment. 3 and 6 month subscriptions are charged upfront, in full, as well as any additional charges linked to my account, including any additional services you may subscribe to. Thus all the additional service I am to subscribed to ("Add-ons", "Enhancements", "Additional Services") will be charged accordingly to the length of my subscription.

Coupon/promotional codes: All coupon/promotional codes have the discount only for the first installment and all renewal installments will be at the regular price rate.

I understand that Add-ons and additional industries will be charged in full. I understand that any add-ons or additional services I purchase are completely NON-REFUNDABLE . If I select a 3 month, 6 month, or yearly account, I will be charged the full prorated amount for these services, each time my account renews.

I understand that if I cancel my account at any point, I am not guaranteed to receive any promotional, discount, or coupon related promotional price that I received in the past. This includes: a)coupon code discounts b)50% off rate c)any 1 time related discount. offers a promotional incentive in order to keep the customers around while providing more value. I fully understand that if my account declines payment, that my discount will no longer be applicable. It is my responsibility to make sure my payments are processed on time. I understand that this promotional incentive is only offered during my first cancellation and is not guaranteed to be offered again.

Satisfaction Guarantee (For 3 and 6 month accounts initiated after Aug 15th 2010)


   If you do not find a job within your 3 or 6month subscription we will credit your account with 3 or 6 (depending on what you registered for) months of free additional access.
     How to claim
   1) Send an email to [email protected]to let us know that your 3 or 6 months is about to end and you are still searching for a job. You  MUST e-mail us TWO DAYS  before your account renews in order to assure you will not be charged for the renewal.
   2) We will then add 3 or 6 months of free access to your account.
  Further Terms
  To claim you must have:
   1) Not accepted a job through another source (although we would be happy for you!). 
   2) Uploaded your Resume to our Database and filled out your Profile information. It will make it easier for Employers to find you.
   3) Applied to 10 or more jobs on our site.
   We do not Offer Refunds for this promotion


Upon cancellation, I will receive a confirmation email which must be saved and will be my only documentation of cancellation if a dispute arises. If I do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of cancellation is it my responsibility to contact CreativeJobsCentral via phone or email and request that the confirmation email is sent. If I receive an email to my SPAM/Junk mail folder, it is my responsibility to retrieve and preserve it for future records. Any claim that I have 'deleted' an email that we sent you is not a valid excuse for not having confirmation of cancellation. I must supply and maintain a valid email address in order to use this service.

About Cancellation

I may end my subscription anytime by logging into my account at on the top right under Job Seeker Login, clicking 'Manage+' towards the top left, then clicking 'Account', then clicking 'Cancel my account', towards the bottom right. If I need assistance, I understand that I may contact Support via e-mail or via phone and a representative will walk me through my cancellation. In order to not be charged for the upcoming billing cycle, I must cancel my account at least 24 hours before my renewal date. I must cancel directly through online only; cancellations over the phone and through e-mail are not allowed, however instructions will be provided if I do contact in regards to my cancellation. If I do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, it is my responsibility to email [email protected], or call, asking for a confirmation that I am cancelled. No one other than myself can cancel my subscription.

Proof of cancellation is an email sent from [email protected]with the subject "Your account has been cancelled" stating that I have cancelled. If I do not have a confirmation email, there is no proof of cancellation. 

***For the members that  joined only from 5/2010 through 7/23/2010 (the "7 day, $1 trial", AND also the 'Free Trial'), I the user must sign in to cancel my account. I am aware that when the week is up I will be charged the full subscription rate. This is also applicable for the special offer of 80% off the first month (I'm aware that the full amount of my subscription will be charged thereafter); this promotion will ONLY be an option from . Up until 7/23/2010 I am fully aware and accept that there will be a one-time charge of .10 for authorization purposes, and this will not be returned to me. This fee will only be charged as long as the Free Trial is being offered.


In the case of a chargeback dispute initiated by me, if my bank does not win the dispute, I, the customer, am liable for a $35 chargeback processing fee per dispute. If the dispute is continued and goes to Arbitration and that too is lost, I, the customer am liable for a $60 processing fee, per chargeback. If the dispute reaches the 3rd and final Arbitration and that is also lost, I, the customer, am liable for a $175 chargeback processing fee. Chargeback Processing Fees are completely NON-REFUNDABLE. Also, once a charge escalates to a chargeback, it then cannot be refunded at all. If I file a chargeback and the reason I filed the dispute was 'cancellation of recurring subscription', I, the customer, must provide the confirmation email of my cancellation proving that I did in fact cancel my account; If I do not have this confirmation email, there is no proof of my cancellation. Only 1 individual may access owned sites at the same time using the same email or password, unless agrees otherwise.

I, the customer, fully understand that jobs are not guaranteed to be available after I register, as has a very quick turn around and success rate and jobs sometimes get filled very quickly. I understand that I may call or e-mail anytime with the link and/or job posting ID # and verify the posting's validity and availability. If I register for a specific posting and it is filled, I understand that this is NOT grounds for a refund, as these Terms have been disclosed to me. reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to immediately revoke my account and/or assess a $7500 daily penalty fee for copying jobs, copying copyrighted text, or otherwise altering site content, including but not limited to, use on a 'mimicking', third party, or similar/competitive service. The web site is not intended for distribution to, or uses by any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Any loss incurred from interviewing, calling companies or falling prey to any 'scheme' posted on our website is not our responsibility as does not hold responsibility for the content or accuracy of jobs posted on our website. is not responsible to distribute content to any 3rd party as required by any lawyer or company entity.

Am I Eligible For A Refund?

Conditions for our refund policy: I must cancel my initial subscription within 30 days (ONLY if I registered for the 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee trial, during that time period - From 7/18/2010-8/21/2010) of my initial purchase to not be charged for anything (during the Satisfaction Guarantee trial - while it exists). I MUST forfeit my remaining time and I must contact [email protected]along with my cancellation confirmation mail. If I fail to meet these conditions, I the customer, am fully aware that I am not eligible for a refund.

Refunds are usually only issued if there is an erroneous charge (Double Billing, Charge(s) After Cancellation – must provide confirmation e-mail, etc.). Any further credit requests are NOT guaranteed and must be approved by the Billing Department Manager.

I understand that there was a Free Trial going on that started on 1-10-2010 and ended 7-23-2010 those that cancelled in the first 7 days only were charged a  $.10 authorization fee. I am FULLY aware that ALL Add-Ons and Additional Services and Additional Industries are completely NON-REFUNDABLE.

If there is ever a multiple transaction or an erroneous charge, will issue an immediate refund. If I have any questions, I am aware I can contact them at [email protected]or call 646-202-9538, or send a letter to the address listed below:

Live Enterprises,
222 East 34th Street 1205,
New York, NY 10016