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By Jonathan H 8th Mar, 2017

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Entry-level job can be considered as the first step or start up career for the fresh graduates. Prior experience is not required in entry-level jobs. The giant retailers in the fashion industry currently have huge vacancies for the fresh graduates at the entry-level positions. 
Behind all the glitz, glamour, and glossy pages of the fashion industry, there are thousands of people behind who work day in and day out off to make it happen.  Breaking into the industry is tough. Not only is it extremely competitive, but many people have no idea where to start.
Working in fashion may seem like a great idea, but what do we do if we aren't completely aware of the kinds of jobs we're qualified for. Like any other industry, there's a ladder to climb, and there are dues to be paid. But everyone has to start somewhere. 
Here are 10 Entry-Level Jobs in The Fashion Industry:-
1. Store Operations: 
Usually run by a Store Manager, who possess expertise in Store Management i.e. flow of goods from Production point to Delivery Point. 
The executive employees in store operations are only SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for Customers. 
The job role of store manager is to maintain good relationship with the customers by offering them best service quality. The target of managerial role is to convert the common shop hoppers into potential buyers. Turn the potential buyers to customers and loyal customers. Now, if you are thinking to join as a store manager, then you need to acquire significant characteristics, such as pleasant appearance, fluency in language, good understanding and analytical mind. 
In addition, to being a Locational Business Strategist a Store Manager also supervise Desk to Desk Customer Encounters, which are commonly handled by Fashion Sales Executives or Wish Business Executives
2. Account executive: 
The account department of a fashion store is also controlled by the account executives. The account executives play key role to deal with the sensitive customers during payment and purchase out. You can select this entry-level job as your start up career in the fashion industry. 
3. Wish Business Executives: 
Now here the term Wish Business Executive or Wish Executive, which is normally available to such Fashion Store where they offer delivery of customized products to the doorstep of the customers.With the evolution of online marketing people are becoming familiar with the overseas fashion retailers. Many of the fashion retailers are now shipping desirable products for the customers based on the online orders. The Wish Business executives are crucial fashion merchandising operation. 
4. Visual Merchandising: 
Visual Merchandisers acts as Consultants Brainstorming with Store Manager in setting up of Shop Floor Window Dressing.
Visual Merchandisers are experienced and highly paid Professionals. They bear the responsibilities of visiting across Locational Sales Outlets of the Fashion Designing Corporationon Business Purposes. Visual merchandiseshould have innovative and attractive ideas to place, store and display the products in unique manner. They not only design the front-glass entry point or display counter but also design the overall shelving of materials. So, if you have the power to design the stores in such a way that can captivate the customers, this entry-level job is just the suitable job you are searching for. 
5. Fashion Designers (Retail Category):
Fashion Designers are specifically associated with a high revenue brand say for example: A Fashion Designer for USPA Clothing Corporation has two kinds, viz: Fashion Designer (Retail Level) which is the entry/ junior most level and Trend Consultant (Fashion Designer, USPA Corporate). These fashion organizations also recruit Celebrity Fashion Designers (who’s paid on contract basis in addition to Regional Public Reach Profit Sharing) to create special collection.
In Retail Categories Fashion Designers do not plan the overall clothing look, feel or even the textural appearance, but instead they work in association with Store Manager and understand the kind of people residing in and their aspirations that follow. So what you need a creative brain to design astonished dresses and capture the attention of the buyers to become a successful fashion designer. However, there are two catches, such as you require learning the history of fashion designing, new technologies associated with fashion creation and market competition. 

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