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Interior Design Jobs - What You Need To Know

Interior Design is a unique fusion of art, architecture and engineering. However, interior design jobs involves more than just choosing furniture, fixtures and fabrics. As an interior designer you'll also need to know how to read architects blueprint, understand electrical codes and negotiate with contractors.

In interior design jobs, the designer is responsible for preparing specific interior construction designs to suit the clients taste and budget. Interior designers work in both residential and commercial settings, but many experienced designers specialize in particular settings, such as nightclubs and restaurants or historic renovation. Designers often join forces with architects, electricians, and contractors to make sure that their designs are not dangerous and meet construction codes and requirements.

A college-level education in interior design is essential to be a successful interior designer. Few clients would be willing to trust a designer who does not have formal training. A bachelor's degree is suggested for entry-level positions in interior design jobs. Upon graduation, aspiring designers typically enter an apprenticeship to gain experience before taking a national licensing exam or joining a professional association.

When searching for any new job you must have a resume and cover letter that look great. Try to keep the resume on one page. Many people are now burning their resume to a CD and presenting it that way. If you have a website of your portfolio, make sure you include that with your resume. Your resume is a vital tool when doing your interior design career information and job search.

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Breaking into interior design can be a time consuming process that is full of bumps along the way. Interior design is a tight knit industry that does not always greet new professionals with open arms.