Professional Event Planning Services

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I am an event planning professional and am looking to start an event planning business. If you have an event or a non-profit event and don't have a lot of money, contact me. I am looking for events that I am willing to do at a low cost to add them to my resume. I am currently the director of communications for an insurance company and have planned and directed from start to finish, 2 and 3 day events for 500 people. So to say I have the experience is an understatment but I am looking to add additional events to my resume.

I am in the Los Angeles area, but can plan events anywhere in the country. Many events that have taken place all over the country have been planned from Los Angeles, including, Dallas, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Raleigh, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Newark, Las Vegas and many more.

Let me help you have a memborable event.