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We offer services and enhancements to increase your chances on finding employment.

Is it necessary?
No. Is it recommended?
HIGHLY! With the way our economy is and how competitive the Job Market is, every 'edge' you can get will help.

Something that makes you stand out from the rest or something that will assist you in composing a better Resume/Application.

We just want to help you succeed! Also, we offer Professional Resume Services at prices that we GUARANTEE cannot be beat!

Selected Services

Interview Advice

Interviews can be very nerve-racking. What do I wear? What do I say? I want to put my best foot forward, but how? How can I make myself stand out from the rest? This informative document will ease your nerves and fill you with confidence!


Other Services

Cover Letter Templates

Cover letters are one of the most important components in the job-hunting process. This blurb of information can either make or break your chances! Find out what should be focused on, what ‘sizzle’ words to use, and SO much more!


Resume Templates

No matter which industry you’re in, we have a template for you! No two jobs are the same, so no two resumes should be the same! Receive a professional template for your field, with extra features applicable to your industry!


Personal Job Coaching On Phone

Isn't it time to Improve or change your career?
Our Experienced and Professional Job Coaches will help you get your ideal job faster & easier. Personal Coaching, Job Counseling & Career Development
Advice – Talk to a Counselor Today!

Full Service Resume Overhaul

After submitting your current resume, and objectives for improvement, our experts will create a first draft of improvements that will be presented to you for approval.
Another final approval will occur after necessary changes have been made.
Cover letter creation is also included.
The final draft will be submitted to you as a Word Document within 24 hours to 3 business days.


Full Service Resume Creation

A 1/2 hour phone session or email with one of our resume experts to create the foundation of the document.
You then receive then draft for your approval within 24 hours to 3 business days.
We then make the changes, and submit it to you for final approval Cover letter creation is also included.
The final draft will be submitted to you as a Word Document.


Full Service Resume Critique

Our fully-trained staff will review your resume for errors, inconsistencies, any areas lacking professionalism, and overall general issues that your resume may have.
You will then be sent your resume with suggestions noting where it needs improvement. 2-5 Business days.


Salary Negotiations Advice

It’s always scary to discuss the salary, because you don’t want to seem greedy... But you still want what you deserve. These helpful hints will make the negotiation much less painful and may even make you look better at the end!


Networking Advice

Learn from the experts on how to successfully network to your advantage! Learn valuable tips that will teach you the ins and outs, what to say and what not to say.... Remember, it’s not always what you know, but WHO you know!


Job Search Advice

Where do I look? How do I know what jobs I qualify for? This document, created by the Pros, is all you will need to get started on your job search! These helpful hints will make it a breeze!
Resume and Cover Letter Advice – Everyone wants to have the best resume possible. You want it to be memorable and powerful, but not over-whelming. This advice will assure the perfect outcome, a winning Resume and Cover Letter!


Deluxe Job Coaching Package

2 hours of Personal Job Coaching and Resume Critique included


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