How to show up for an interview at LVMH?

Many people are overwhelmed by our screening and interview process but the truth is, we're just like any other professional company. It's strange that people who would not want to work somewhere "hard" like Goldman Sachs, think that they can cut it here. Again, if that is you- realign expectations/hopes with reality. We're a multi-billion dollar business, we're really not fucking around when it comes to making sure we have the right people- and our noses are trained at this point to sniff out the 'fans' from real talent.

You should prepare for our interview by reading Case in Point- a book for consultants. A lot of the challenges LVMH faces are emerging difficulties that no other company has faced due to our scale and trendsetting operations. You'll be given scenarios such as "This is the financial statement of XYZ, leveraged against an industry average. XYZ is concerned with decreasing profits. How would you solve this?"Even if you want a position in the in-house PR team, your question will still be technical, "A campaign has stirred religious tension in a key demographic, investors are pulling back and stock value is dropping. Create a immediate, short-term, and long-term plan for alleviating these issues, with a projection of costs and market responses."
If you're going about this by memorizing the order of models walking a runway, or the photographers who phone an ad campaign- you're going to sink quick.

Depending on your position, there will be a phone screening, and 3 rounds of interviews with panels of managers, directors, and execs- before any phone can be made.

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