How to get a job in a gallery?

How to get a job in a gallery
1.Education in art and or art history
2.Nice presentation, communication and sales skills
3.Must learn about the market for the art
a.Get a degree in art or art history.
You can also do fine arts. Then you will be
able to reference several artists.
b.Intern and work at museums. This will 
immerse you in the art crowd and make an employer
want to hire you.
c.Be in the art world.
c1.Be a member in museums
c2.Go to exhibits and be outgoing
c3.Create art events
d.Choose the art gallery that interests you.
This will get you staying at your new job longer.
e.Develop social media skills
f.Do an online job search and contact local galleries
g.Dress well at your interview, show off your gallery skills and hopefully get hired!
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