How to get any job in Nordstrom?


You only need to apply online on Nordstrom's IRecruitment website. Post a resume and look for available positions in your area using the search criteria. I work at Nordstrom and this is what I did to get hired. Be aware that sales associates are paid a commission ONLY. That means, you will only get a percentage of the total amount of money that you earned during the 2-week pay period. If it's busy and you're selling a lot during this time, your pay checks are big. If there's not a lot of business and you're selling next to nothing, your paychecks are really low, es. Most people can't base their livelihood on this type of income instability. That's why eventually they look for salaried positions that pay by the hour.

This may sound like a inticing challenge at first, and during your first couple of months of working at Nordstrom, you will be highly motivated to outsell your competitors and to make the most. If you're a hardworker, then you'll probably even outsell veteran employees who by now are looking for other jobs.

Ultimately, to have a lasting and successful LONG-TERM career at Nordstrom or at any company where selling and commission is involved, you must be highly social and motivated to constantly make connections with people. Generating your own business is only way you're going to keep money coming in, especially when business is slow. You must be good at engaging people in conversation and selling has to be your passion. This is not a position for someone who prefers to work alone, at a slow pace, analyzing and focsing on one task at a time. At Nordstrom, you're always busy chasing a sell, running around on your feet, catering customers, calling customers about sales events nd new merchandise, and following through on your contacts. You must be an outgoing person who thrives on socializing, making new friends, and maintaining friendships. Selling is all about establishing and maintaining RELATIONSHIPS. If you're not into that, find something else

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