Tips For Successfully Finding a Music Jobs in New York

Finding a music jobs in New York takes hard work and dedication. For some people, it may take years for them to find a job in music industry. Other people may be able to find a job in the music industry, but it may be nowhere what they actually want to do. The year may be different, but some things about the music business are still the same. One must find the right door to make it in successfully. You may be a singer, songwriter, dancer, or a music technician. Getting your start in the music industry can be a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

If you find that you are having difficulty finding a music jobs NYC, here are some tips to get you started.

Be prepared to be versatile and be able to do many different jobs even if it is not what you exactly want to do at the moment. Most people who eventually get their dream job started out in entry-level jobs and worked their way up. No one is going to just hand you a job as an executive at a record label or have you staring you own world tour from your first demo tape. The more versatility you show, the more doors that will open up to you in the music industry.

With a wide variety of ways to get music jobs NYC people are finding opportunities around every corner. The advancement of technologies and the popularity of reality television have opened doors to those who didn't think it possible to follow their dreams. Take any job in the music industry that comes your way, including internships and volunteer gigs. If you work hard enough during an internship or for a volunteer project, there is a big possibility that someone will notice and may offer you a permanent job.

Take initiative. Even if a local company is not hiring, you can still make a phone call or send a resume. Most companies will keep resumes on file for several months to a year. You never know when a job may open up and your resume is first in line.

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Spring 2020 Internship - Brick Wall Management/10x Management

Date Posted
Tue 22 Oct
New York, New York
Post ID
Unpaid - For College Credit Only
About Company
The intern will be wearing several hats, working for each of our 3 different entities: Brick Wall Management - At Brick Wall, we manage a variety of artists, including musicians, video directors, and experience directors. Our clients include Vanessa Carlton, William Fitzsimmons, The Clarks, Michael Counts, Jarett Bellucci and more. 10x Management - 10x Management is a talent agency for high-level freelance tech professionals. Our roster includes a variety of skill sets including full-stack developers, data scientists, designers, and blockchain experts to name a few. We help our 10xers find gigs, negotiate contracts, and keep projects running smoothly. The Kristen Ann Carr Fund - This is a non-profit organization we run out of our office that helps fund research initiatives to improve treatment and quality of life for Sarcoma cancer patients. We hold two special events each year, which bring together the community of Sarcoma patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering and the charity’s rockstar network.

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We choose interns who exhibit strong communication skills, computer proficiency, and some kind of experience or eagerness about the music and technology industries. The position is not limited to the tasks below as it is our goal to incorporate the intern into a more involved role in handling other projects. It is our hope that interns take full advantage of the position by asking questions pertaining to these procedures and processes. Interns can become a very integral part of the Brick Wall/10x/KACF operations and the more involved they become, the more exposure they will receive. This internship is unpaid and for college credit only.


-Office maintenance such as answering phones, mailings, faxes and data entry
-Website maintenance including blog posts
-Daily social media posting for our entities
-Basic graphic design work for our artists and entities


-Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop preferred
-Knowledge of Google Suite preferred
-Knowledge of social media platforms preferred
-Must receive college credit for internship
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