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Company Name: Aeropostale
Industry: Fashion

Address: 112 W. 34th St.

City: Auburn

Zip: 20336

Phone: 1.877.289.2376.


Year Founded:

Brands: Live Love Dream, P.S. Kids,
Competitors: Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters Inc., ,
# Employees: 1000+

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Recruiting Company: No
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HR Name: Kathy Gentilozzi

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Other Locations

Address State City
1627-44 Opelika Road Alabama Auburn
716 Brookwood Village Alabama Birmingham
3000 Riverchase Galleria Alabama Birmingham
2000 Riverchase Galleria Alabama Birmingham
6200 Grand River Blvd. East Alabama Birmingham
1801 Beltline Road Southwest Alabama Decatur
900 Commons Drive Alabama Dothan
2601 South Mckenzie Alabama Florence
301 Cox Creek Parkway Alabama Florence
1001 Rainbow Drive Alabama Gadsden
2801 South Memorial Parkway Alabama Huntsville
5901 University Drive Alabama Huntsville
3449 Bel Air Mall Alabama Mobile
1045 Eastdale Mall Alabama Montgomery
700 Quintard Drive Alabama Oxford
30500 State Highway 181 Alabama Smiths Station
5048 Pinnacle Square Alabama Trussville
1701 McFarlen Boulevard East Alabama Tuscaloosa


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