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Entertainment Personal Assistant

Part Time
0-1 Entry Level
Developing People
Date Posted
Wed 26 Jun
North Hollywood, California
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I'm looking for someone to help me organize my very dynamic and eventful life.

Professionally I work as a freelance writer, video editor, tour guide, substitute teacher.

Passionately I pursue acting, standup comedy, and have a long list of achievable pipe dreams that I don't think I'll be able to accomplish without someone's help.

Organization is a big part of it, and I need to be held accountable. For most everything I do, I have only myself to disappoint if I don't complete a task or have an unproductive day. I'm looking for someone who can sort of act as a "boss" - tell me what to do, and when to do it. Keep track of my deadlines, remind me of where I need to put my focus based on the tasks at hand, and help submit me for acting and standup opportunities.

I've never done this before and have no idea if it'll even work. I do know that I'll have to find the right person, so if this intrigues you in the slightest please reach out and I'll treat you to coffee or something.

I'm 34. Ambitious as fuck. But damn scatterbrained, struggling with the mundane such as bills, dishes, going to the gym... even eating, sleeping, and drinking water as one is supposed to do. I know that sounds ridiculous, but some of these fundamental basics to life are remarkably difficult for me at times.

Need help focusing to achieve these goals. If you think you can help create a structured environment for a very unstructured person, then please reach out.

I don't get mad at people, I'm easy going, and always open to feedback and criticism. If anything ever goes wrong I'll blame myself before ever blaming you.

This is an experiment ... it could turn out to be amazing! Right now just looking to try it for a month and go from there.

Happy to pay. Maybe hourly, maybe just $75 for the month. We can discuss.

If you're still reading this I'll assume you're interested.

Please respond telling me a little bit about yourself and why you think we'd be a good fit. After which we can schedule an interview.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you. Yes you. Sitting there, in your chair. No, I can't see you. But I know you're there. The fact that you're still reading this means you're thorough, which I appreciate. Please include the word "indubitably" in your response so that I know you read this whole message.
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