Why DVD's

We offer services and enhancements to increase your chances on finding employment.
Is it necessary? No.
Is it recommended? HIGHLY!
With the way our economy is and how competitive the Job Market is, every 'edge' you can get will help.

Something that makes you stand out from the rest or something that will assist you in composing a better Resume/Application and help you to be more confident on interviews, and so much more!

We just want to help you succeed! Also, we offer Professional Resume Services at prices that we GUARANTEE cannot be beat!
*Please note that DVDs purchased will take 7-10 Business Days and will be sent via USPS First Class Mail.

Essential DVD's

Mid-Level Career Video

I have some experience, but I seem to be stuck


Other Services

Intro Career Video (the Basics)

interviews, job searching, resume/cover letter


Advanced Career Video

For the High Salaried, experienced jobseeker that needs more sophisticated support


Internships Career Video

strategies + tips


Entry-Level Career Video

How do I break into the career world


Senior Level Career Video

I'm older and more experienced - I want a decent salary + a respectable title


Freelancers Career Video

How can I get the most work in my field


Networking Career Video

How to expand your social horizons, in order to benefit your career and professional life


Employers Career Video

Professional Tips on posting jobs what to ask on interviews, signs to look for, etc


Entrepreneurs Career Video

How to get your own business to hit the ground running


All CAREER VIDEO DVDs, The Complete Set


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