Interview with Makeup Artist Banan, New York

By Teshaw K. Robinson 30th Jun, 2013

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 Interview with Makeup Artist Banan

“Well, I don't live in the states but i will answer your questions anyway….”


When did you find out that you had something special for make-up?

I found out that I have something for makeup when I was at college.


What challenges do you face in such a competitive field?

I face some challenges such as having to compete with makeup artist that have been in the field for years before me. Also, I am trying to use a school of makeup that does not strongly exist in where I live which is the simplicity school.


How do you practice your craft, if you practice?

I practice by asking many of my friends to be my models.


How do you promote yourself as a business?

I mainly use online services in order to promote my business.


Do you still feel the pressures of not wanting to mess up?

Yes sometimes i do.


What is next for you in your career, will you branch off into other types of make-up art? (Film, Theater)

Yes I want to study theatrical makeup abroad, but I guess that this will be in my new year's resolution.


Banan is resides in Egypt, where she is constantly working her magic in a variety of different types of makeup sessions. Visit her Facebok to learn more about her�

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